NUT oppose ‘Pub quiz facts curriculum’, and rightly so


Couldn’t agree more with this assessment by the NUT. Education should be about fostering skills, creativity, problem solving, group and interactive social skills, AS WELL AS the core knowledge needed in a subject field. Active learning is the best and most effective way of doing that.

Passive learning by rote only encourages passive students. Young people cannot engage or explore a list of facts and figures. Learning by rote withered off long ago and rightly so. There is no need to return to it.

Ryan Cairns MYP


Attending a coffee morning this weekend in support of PIPS

Attending a coffee morning this weekend in support of PIPS – an organisation who does great work in helping those who suffer from suicide, depression and self-harm. Hope to have some good dialogue about future provisions.

What’s with the equal signs on Facebook & Twitter? Statement on Marriage Equality.

purple equality

In the next couple of days, the US Supreme will come to a decision regarding two cases on Marriage Equality, and decide in principal the right for same-sex couples to marry.

In response to this, the Human Rights Campaign is asking people to change their profile picture to one of two red or purple equal signs.

I would urge as many of you as possible to do the same. I believe marriage should be between every couple who shares an undying bond of love. Two men or two women should be able to enjoy the same commitment and share in the same celebrations as heterosexual couples. Love does not have a gender.

As part of my commitment to improving teenage mental health, I am pledging my support toequality for all. Join me and the Human Rights Campaign by changing you picture. It really does make a difference. As one judge said “I was voting no until I saw all the red signs on Facebook…”

Ryan Cairns MYP